SCM Monitoring

Supply Chain Monitoring

The term Supply Chain Monitoring is becoming more and more important and has evolved into the top discipline of logistics in recent years. In principle, it refers to the increasing integration, transparency and monitoring of the entire supply chain from:

  • the extraction, processing and storage of raw materials
  • procurement logistics,
  • supply and disposal of production
  • finishing,
  • distribution logistics


  • maintenance, repairs, replacement purchases and finally
  • the disposal of products and produce.


Thanks to close networking and the appearance of neural networks, bullwhip effects can be managed before they emerge and resources can be optimally planned and utilised. This leads to cost optimisation along the supply chain and speeds up all the processes.

With the help of the SCM application, we offer our customers a high degree of integration along their supply chain. Based on apparent patterns, emerging problems can be identified and tackled at an early stage.

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