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We are happy to help you in your search for detailed information on the forwarding company Hammer. Therefore brochures, product sheets, press reports videos and much more are available here for you to download. 

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Company presentation DE, [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Company presentation EN, [PDF, 1.2 MB]

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Info flyer DE, [PDF, 0.9 MB]

Info flyer EN, [PDF, 0.9 MB]

Hammer Group flyer DE, [PDF, 240 KB]

Hammer Group flyer EN, [PDF, 240 KB]

Download certificates


ISO 9001-2015 DE, Aachen [PDF, 440 KB]

ISO 14001-2015 DE, Aachen [PDF, 440 KB]

ISO 9001-2015 DE, Eschweiler [PDF, 290 KB]

ISO 14001-2015 DE, Eschweiler [PDF, 290 KB]

AEO certificate, [PDF, 21 KB]

Energy audit DIN EN 16247-1, [PDF, 61 KB]

TAPA FSR 2020, [PDF, 1.2 MB]

IFS Logistics V2.3 Juli 2021 DE,  [PDF, 126 KB]
Hammer GmbH & Co. KG

IFS Logistics V2.3 Juli 2021 DE, [PDF, 125 KB]
Hammer Road-Cargo GmbH & Co. KG

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Information material

Download - Information

The Federal Office for freight Transport has published Information on the social legislation on road transport (pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 561/2006, Regulation (EEC) No 3821/85, Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014 Driving Personnel Act (FPersG) and Driving Personnel Ordinance (FPersV)) on the following website:

Information on the minimum wage according to the minimum wage law

Further information on the minimum wage and its application has been published by the Federal Ministry of Finance on the following website:

Information on the Authorised economic operator, [PDF, 280 KB]

Information on Road Transport Law , [PDF, 264 KB]

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Download post codes Europe

Post-Code-EU-Europe, [PDF, 896 KB]

Post-Code-A-Austria, [PDF, 792 KB]

Post-Code-B-Belgium, [PDF, 940 KB]

Post-Code-BIH-Bosnia-and-Herzegovina, [PDF, 461 KB]

Post-Code-CH-Switzerland, [PDF, 484 KB]

Post-Code-CZ-Czech-Republic, [PDF, 484 KB]

Post-Code-D-Germany, [PDF, 732 KB]

Post-Code-DK-Denmark, [PDF, 461 KB]

Post-Code-E-Spain, [PDF, 511 KB]

Post-Code-F-France, [PDF, 748 KB]

Post-Code-FIN-Finland, [PDF, 513 KB]

Post-Code-GB-Great-Britain, [PDF, 750 KB]

Post-Code-H-Hungary, [PDF, 592 KB]

Post-Code-HR-Croatia, [PDF, 561 KB]

Post-Code-I-Italy, [PDF, 707 KB]

Post-Code-IRL-Ireland, [PDF, 450 KB]

Post-Code-KS-Kosovo, [PDF, 323 KB]

Post-Code-L-Luxembourg, [PDF, 473 KB]

Post-Code-MNE-Montenegro, [PDF, 350 KB]

Post-Code-N-Norway, [PDF, 870 KB]

Post-Code-NL-Netherlands, [PDF, 770 KB]

Post-Code-P-Portugal, [PDF, 393 KB]

Post-Code-PL-Poland, [PDF, 888 KB]

Post-Code-S-Sweden, [PDF, 684 KB]

Post-Code-SK-Slowakische-Republik, [PDF, 457 KB]

Post-Code-SLO-Republik-Slowenien, [PDF, 673 KB]

Post-Code-SRB-Republic-of-Serbia, [PDF, 435 KB]