Green Logistics – Corporate Sustainability

As a family business, we work in a future-oriented manner, which means that we always think of the coming generations. We already had an environmental management certificate in 1996, long before the term green logistics was even created. That is why sustainable working has already become a tradition with us and is a matter of course for us. After all, our company exists already in its third generation!

When Hammer talks about "green logistics and sustainability", sustainable development is meant, which ensures the needs of the present generation without negatively affecting the opportunities of future generations. To achieve this, ecological, economic and social aspects must be considered equally and simultaneously; and at the same time the performance of logistics must be ensured.

Green logistics is divided into various areas of optimization, the combination of which ultimately ensures sustainable success and brings us closer to our goal of ensuring an efficient, resource-saving and cost-effective supply chain and accompanying logistics services.


  • The faster, the worse for the environment. For this reason, transport experts are calling for Slow Logistics, the deceleration of transport!
  • Since 2010 continuously repeated driver training courses for economic and ecological driving, to reduce fuel consumption – the results are regularly checked

Transport / vehicle fleet

  • All our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, the EURO-6-Standard
  • Reduction of emissions and energy savings by reducing the speed of our trucks from 89 km/h to 85 km/h
  • Project Better Flow
  • Alle LKW sind mit einem All trucks are equipped with turn-off assistant ausgestattet
  • Dangerous goods are handled exclusively by especially trained personnel, to exclude potential contamination of the environment.

BETTERFLOW - Next Step Aerodynamics

Alternative mobility concepts

We are permanently working with various partners on the following projects to bring new drive ideas to the market:

  • iP4MoVE-project on e-mobility in the transport sector
  • hybrid truck and charging station infrastructure
  • hydrogen-powered forklift trucks and commercial vehicles
  • LNG liquefied natural gas-powered trucks


Intelligent platform for e-mobility and networking of energy information

Planning and strategy

  • efficient fleet management
  • optimal utilization of existing capacities
  • traffic optimization through optimal route and tour planning
  • WinSped®
  • minimize empty runs
  • IHK project for traffic control of heavy goods traffic in conurbations
  • urban hubs for short distances, urban logistics to relieve the city centre Aachen-Urban Logistics


  • LED lighting in the halls
  • photovoltaic systems on the hall roofs
  • energy audit 2020
  • upcoming modernization of the truck wash and workshop
  • fire water pond on the company premises


  • climate-friendly / climate-neutral production or production of advertising material
  • climate-neutral printing of brochures and information material about sustainable work can this way be produced in an environmentally friendly manner

Internal Optimization Areas

  • modern and efficient conveyor technology in intralogistics
  • our industrial trucks are mostly electrically operated
  • buy local - purchasing by using sustainable product packaging
  • packaging according to the motto: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • waste separation and waste avoidance in the company's own departments
  • avoidance of business trips through telephone and video conferencing
  • steadily decreasing paper consumption due to the expansion of digitization
  • 20% less gas consumption by using the new heating system
  • reduced electricity consumption through the use of new electrical appliances

For us, corporate responsibility means optimally and sustainably networking all green potentials and anchoring them in a comprehensive sustainability concept. This is how we assume social, societal and ecological responsibility in today's world so that we can hand over our company to the 4th generation.

5000 trees for the region

Sound bites from Wolfgang "Tim" Hammer

Topics: Sustainability and tree donation campaign

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Wie passt das zusammen - Nachhaltigkeit und Logistik?

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Was finden Sie an der Atkion toll? Warum spenden Sie 200 Bäume?

The local radio for the StädteRegion Aachen, Antenne AC, together with its listeners, brings the forest back to Roetgen. A tornado destroyed 35 hectares of forest in Roetgen a year ago, causing damage of more than one million Euros. For the reforestation of this area 5000 new trees are needed.

We have donated 200 trees, but every single one of us can help, because every tree counts.

All information about the campaign, the donation account etc. can be found on