Values and Mission statement

The values listed below are to be followed as basic principles and as a self-conception of our common actions thereby forming the basis of our corporate culture.

Our mission statement, on the other hand, describes our organisation's missions and vision. It provides an orientation - what Hammer stands for and what we want to achieve together.

Our values

Respect and appreciation of others and the environment are integral parts of our services and our way of thinking.

The basis of our actions are trust, fairness and reliability towards our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders.

Ecological sustainability and technical innovations are both challenges and opportunities for us.

People create logistics.

Our mission statement

We want to be the leading logistics provider in the region.

We want to be a source of innovation and ideas in our industry.

We want to impress our customers with our quality.

We are committed to ecological sustainability and protecting the environment.

We want to further and motivate our employees.

We assume responsibility for our actions in society.