Warehouse Logistics & AKL (automated storage and retrieval system)

Our automated storage and retrieval system - flexible, dynamic and extremely efficient.

To offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility, we provide intelligent logistics solutions at our Logistics Campus Eschweiler through high-tech automation. For example, an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) provides a flexible, efficient, cost-effective and at the same time scalable solution for picking small parts. With the "goods to man" principle, we can realise the shortest possible throughput times in the processing of customer orders – and at the same time maintain very high quality standards and low process costs.


We develop your customised warehouse concept.

Depending on other factors, we solve a wide variety of logistical tasks with our automated storage and retrieval system. Together with you, we analyse your goods and transport structures as well as process flows and then develop a customised warehouse concept entirely according to your needs.

Our automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) works as individually as your requirements

Thanks to the connection to our warehouse management system, autonomous shuttles can bring the products to the order picking stations in the correct order. The "goods to man" principle continuously supplies the picking stations with goods, which means that there is permanent access to all stored items in the range.

After the manual removal of the articles in the specified quantities, the containers are automatically returned to the warehouse. Thanks to this technology, orders can be processed much faster and more efficiently.

Facts and figures

Our automated storage and retrieval system

Manufacturer: KNAPP
Model: OSR™ Shuttle EVO 3-deep.
Storage technology: 2 aisles, 26 modules, 20 levels, 24,720 storage locations
Load carriers: plastic boxes 60x40x32cm as well as trays, maximum weight 45 kg
Conveyor technology: 30 shuttles, 2 lift systems, approx. 500 m continuous conveyors, 2 conveyor technology loops, 2 driverless open shuttle transport systems
Goods receiving: 2 goods receiving stations, weight control and error ramp
Picking: goods-to-person, 5 manual picking stations Pick-it-Easy Shop Light
Sorter: return to 12,360 storage locations, consolidated retrieval
Packing stations: 13 packing stations on the ground floor connected via container and carton conveyor technology


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