Transformation and innovation

The decisive disruptive developments of the last three decades show: Those who fail to recognise trends and innovations are at risk of being squeezed out of the market. That is why we at Hammer are consistently looking towards the future, in order to further develop the networking of systems, digitalised processes and new technologies that support the employees in our company. In doing so, we focus on a secure IT infrastructure and smooth digitalised business processes. Because global economic change, advancing digitalisation, a shortage of skilled workers and not least the effects of the last major global pandemic clearly show: logistics is changing and new focal points are emerging.

At the same time, customers continue to expect efficient processes that are characterised by security, flexibility and calculability of supply chains. Logistics managers must respond to these demands and quickly offer appropriate end-to-end solutions, to avoid supply chain disruptions and best equip themselves for the future.

In short, they must become more adaptable, resilient and flexible - and they must do so with the help of end-to-end digitalisation and integrated solutions for managing logistics operations.

The three main business pillars for implementing resilient logistics are:

Digital technology competence


Vertical integration
(i.e. in-depth understanding andall-round communication allow for tailor-made solutions)

A robust operating and business model


If these three pillars are implemented early on, logistics companies will become strategic, integrated partners for their customers in the long term.

At Hammer, we are aware of the importance of logistics as a cross-sectional function for Industry 4.0. We are intensively addressing the question of how we can become more resilient and not only master crises, but also emerge stronger from them. In doing so, we focus on decentralisation, networking, service orientation and real-time capability, always have a neutral view of the status quo and never stop questioning ourselves and our processes.

Because we know: The basis for resilience is always transformative thinking and innovative action.

As a third-generation company, we build on our many years of experience and many successful and enduring client relationships.

Our approach then and now was: reliability, expertise and sensible investments ensure growth.

That is why we continue to invest in innovative storage systems, modern vehicles and digitalise the company on an ongoing basis. In addition, we are expanding our cooperation with universities such as RWTH Aachen. In our logistics campus in Eschweiler, the "Hyperconnectivity Lab" will serve to test innovative information systems for logistics in the future.

Our vision is for companies to be able to research their innovative ideas directly at our site and try them out in practice, and for companies to work on the major logistics innovations of tomorrow not as competitors but as partners. Because only in this way will we remain a secure, competitive employer and an ever-expanding company in the future.

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