Hammer Time... our quality standards!

Hammer operates in the market with the highest quality standards. It goes without saying that we are certified according to the official specifications – this is the only way we can really earn your trust and ensure that we are a reliable partner for you in the future, all our employees work with complete commitment to continuously improve our quality processes.

In addition to this, our various qualifications ensure that your freight reaches its destination quickly and reliably. The result: efficient handling via land, air or sea, while maintaining the highest safety standards for your transport.

Customer-focused quality and environmental management

We have been operating an efficient and continuous quality management system since 1995 - we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since May 2002. In 1998 Hammer was awarded the DIN EN ISO 14001 for high EU standards and safety standards in environmental management.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, Aachen  [PDF, 680 KB]

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, Aachen  [PDF, 700 KB]

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, Eschweiler  [PDF, 360 KB]

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, Eschweiler  [PDF, 360 KB]

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, Düren  [PDF, 290 KB]

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, Düren  [PDF, 290 KB]

Approved Transporter

By regulating the security measures, the status of the approved transporter  allows  a simply and cost-reduced transportation of the secured freight to the airport.

Registration No. LBA: DE/H/01311-01


Sealed quality through our AEO F-certification: high quality or safety management and simplified handling of customs formalities. AEO F is the most extensive variant of the AEO-certification

AEO F certification [PDF, 270 KB]

IATA air freight

The Hammer Group has IATA-agents at its disposal, to which we have direct access at any time. On behalf of the airlines an IATA-agent concludes carriage contracts and cares for swift and smooth operations in air-cargo handling.

TAPA FSR Level A 2023 and TAPA TSR 2023

Hammer GmbH & Co. KG has awarded the certificate of the TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). TAPA develops standards, which guarantee members the best and safest transport of merchandise and goods from the manufacturer to the commercial enterprise. The TAPA-certification is verified every two years by an independent certification body. Advantage for our customers: minimisation of risks of theft of goods by using efficient safety measures and continuous improvement of safety practices

TAPA FSR 2023 Level A [PDF, 220 KB]

TAPA TSR 2023 [PDF, 220 KB]

IFS International Featured Standards

As an IFS-certified company, we ensure that we produce compliant products in accordance with the specifications agreed with our customers and that we constantly work on process improvement.

IFS Logistics V2.3 July 2021 DE  [PDF, 650 KB]
Hammer GmbH & Co. KG

IFS Logistics V2.3 July 2021 DE  [PDF, 124 KB]
Hammer Road-Cargo GmbH & Co. KG

SQAS assessed company

The Hammer Group is SQAS certified. SQAS Safety & Quality Assessment System assesses and controls the safe performance of storage, transport and handling of a transport company.

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance

The Hammer Group is GMP+ certified. GMP+ Good Manufacturing Practices + Feed Safety Assurance. With the "GMP+ FSA" certificate we can prove that all requirements and conditions regarding feed safety assurance are guaranteed.

Energy efficiency

The energy audit certifies that Hammer GmbH adheres to the energy efficiency requirements of the EU.

Energie-Audit certificate [PDF, 65 KB]

CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate

During the audit, Hammer GmbH & Co. KG showed an excellent creditworthiness structure and fulfilled all certification criteria.

CrefoZert certificate [PDF, 800 KB]

GDP certificate

Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products

GDP certificate [PDF, 307 KB]

Testat "Notenbankfähigkeit" 

Testat „Notenbankfähigkeit“, [PDF, 248 KB]

The certification as a Specialist For Hydrogen Application by the chamber of commerce (IHK).

The certification course conveyed expert knowledge about hydrogen technology as a future oriented and climate friendly source of energy across all sectors.

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