People make logistics!

German logistics is booming!

The Federal Association for Logistics In Germany (BVL) expects the logistics sector to continue to increase its sales by 5 per cent over the coming years. This means that there is hardly any other industry with as much potential and opportunities for development as in logistics!

With. 2.5 million employees it is already the third largest business sector in Germany today! Every day in Germany, over two million vehicles - lorries, trains or ships - are on the road or sea delivery all kinds of goods and products to the right place at the right time!

That is why we are always looking for qualified colleagues who can ensure, with a high degree of responsibility and a lot of expertise, that our transport and logistical services are professionally planned, organised and monitored before they are packaged, loaded and shipped out!

Become a member of the big Hammer family and apply now, because people make logistics!

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