Fulfilment Solutions

Wir sorgen für eine flexible und reibungslose Abwicklung Ihres E-Commerce Geschäft mit modernem Equipment und individualisierten Mehrwertsdienstleistungen (VAS).


Wir sorgen für den optimalen Warenzulauf  inkl. der Containersteuerung und Verzollung und Optimierung Ihre Transport, Detention und Demurrage Kosten.  


Von einfachen Sichtprüfungen bis hin zu umfangreichen Funktionstests untersuchen unser QS-Team und geschulte Mechatroniker Ihrer Produkte auf Herz und Nieren.


Von klein bis groß lagern wir Ihre Produkte in unseren diversen Anlagen.

Ein automatisches Kleinteilelager, eine Fachbodenregalanlage, Palettenregale und Blockflächen bilden die Optimale Kombination für alle Belange.


Order picking

We pick all sizes from efficient storage systems with the optimal strategy.

Software update

We update the software of your products before delivery.

Assembly and packaging

We assemble your individual parts into sets and pack them according to your wishes.

Product labelling

Whether customer-specific GTIN, additional product designations or marketing-related labelling. We take care of the order-related labelling of your goods.

You name it!

We look forward to new customer requests outside our standards. Please get in contact.


If possible and economical, we will carry out repairs for you with an integrated partner.

Packaging & display construction

Cartoning, blistering, shrink-wrapping, labelling, We use automated packaging equipment.

MSN recording (manufacturer serial number recording)

Via our warehouse management system, we give you full transparency on MSN and recipient even when carrying out manual special processes such as "kitting" (compilation of sets).


We tailor our shipping solutions to your products and needs and use your preferred transport service providers, if required.

Customer service

We serve all communication channels via an integrated partner: From telephone with call-back service to online forms, fax, email and LiveChat to Facebook Service App.


We check your returns and separate your stocks according to predefined classification.

Reconditioning or disposalg

We clean, polish, complete and pack your B-goods and, on request, dispose of your C-goods.

Your contact person in the area business development

Contact me directly or send me a request for feedback

Marc Schuransky
Head of Business Development Logistics