Responsibility to the environment

Ecological efficiency, by this we mean the optimisation of all logistical processes under consideration of ecological sustainability. As a modern forwarding and logistics service provider, we are responsible for the preservation of our environment!

Green Logistics

This is a challenge that we have been successfully facing for many years throughout the whole company and our environmental management.


CO2 emissions

The exclusive use of the latest engine technology in our vehicle fleet (Euro VI) reduces CO2 emissions to a minimum value.

Generating electricity

Our photovoltaic plant produces approx. 1/3 of the total electricity required at our site in Aachen (500,000 kw/h p.a.).

Water purification

We save 200 m³ of fresh water per month through treating the water used at our truck wash.

Saving energy

We have equipped, and in some places, retrofitted our 180,000 sqm warehouse with energy-saving lamps and received the Green Light Award, which is an award from the European Union for companies that have significantly reduced the power consumption of their lighting systems.