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Parcel bombs spark off discussions about security conditions – at Hammer, there’s method in security

10. November 2010

In the course of current events, the subject of security has become increasingly charged also with respect to air cargo. The parcel bombs caught on their way to the US have triggered heated discussions mainly about the lack of controls of air cargo shipments. Experts are warning against doing things for the sake of doing things, but also point out that transport costs will be increasing in future.

Freight transport by air has increased significantly during the past decades. According to the aviation organisation IATA, meanwhile 35 percent of the overall value of all internationally traded goods is transported by plane; during the past year, 3.3 million tons of cargo were handled at German airports. News about attempts of attacks by parcel bombs from Yemen or Greece and findings in Berlin, Athens, and Bologna are now adding fuel to the security discussion. Accordingly, the air cargo industry is facing new challenges. “It is a great disaster. We have to expect longer delivery periods, stricter controls, and high costs for the haulage companies,” says Dirk Steiger, managing director of the consulting institute Aviainform which specialises in air cargo.1  The reason is that airlines and parcel services under the supervision of the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation (LBA) are responsible for controlling cargo, and they now have to think about innovative security concepts.

For the forwarding and logistics company Hammer, this discussion is not a reason for “blind actionism”, since here, we have been relying on certified security for years, and therefore nothing is left to chance. With its AEO F status, the company is prepared for maximum security requirements at all times. In addition to the AEO F certification, the security processes and preventive measures are also certified and documented with the status of “Regulated Agent” by the audits and attestations of the LBA. Other certifications such as CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Association) and TAPA A (Technology Asset Protection Association) within the Hammer group and many others convincingly demonstrate the high standard (see Download certificates).

Our measures are constantly developed further – so for instance, all delivery addresses are compared with the “black lists” of the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, automatically and on a daily basis. The professional software used for the comparison is a proprietary development of the subsidiary company AC-Systeme GmbH.

What exactly does “AEO F-certified” mean with regard to our customers? AEO F stands for Authorised Economic Operator (F for “Full Certificate”), and confirms security, transparency, and promptness throughout the supply chain. The AEO F certificate combines advantages and benefits in customs law (AEO C) with simplification of security and safety (AEO S). With the demanding AEO F certification and continuous further development of the existing security concepts, Hammer is a reliable partner and offers security measures which are innovative, forward-looking, and sustainable and even stand up to the current discussion without any problem.

1Source: Financial Times Deutschland