Data Centre

Data centre, state of the art capacities

The capacities of the Hammer Group's data centre provide the basis for all aspects of information and communication technology. We serve our customers throughout Europe with a continuous field of application 24 hours / 7 days a week from our Aachen site as the base.

Otmar Huffschmid
business unit manager IT
Tel. 0241 – 9665 192

The DC hardware equipment fits into the following framework conditions:

Two redundant data centres with a separate backup room.

Redundant (two different carriers) broadband synchronous internet connection

Ensure a constant temperature and humidity through precision air conditioning and corresponding sensors.

Ensure power supply through redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and additional backup power.

Protection against external access (locking systems, video surveillance, motion detectors).

Fire prevention and early fire detection.

Integration into a central monitoring and management system.

The installed server cabinets have a modular structure, so that it is possible to extend them without problems during operation.

Management of the systems and applications

The system management is clearly optimised by constantly updating the IT systems. The monitoring systems (more than 1,600 sensors) are active in the 24/7 mode and monitor the entire IT infrastructure:

  • firewall and server systems in the data centres
  • network components
  • infrastructure and security units

This means our electronic customer connections (EDI) are also secured via these system components. In the event of a malfunction, appropriate stabilisation measures are taken together with the customer. Our own support and software teams take over the problem-solving at short notice until the normal operation can be established again.