Our drive: customer focus and innovation!

We turn your logistical challenges into our mission, which we accomplish in the spirit of a partnership and with the utmost reliability. We are able to offer our customers all the advantages of a medium-sized family business, such as commitment, flexibility and high loyalty by supporting them with our professional structures.

Our experts create individual and effective contract logistics solutions for the requirements of your supply chain! We have the most modern logistics facilities, qualified specialists and state-of-the-art software solutions. In addition to this, we secure your supply chain through the flexible use of our own vehicle fleet and networking in the IT system landscapes.

We secure our future through innovation. Together with RWTH Aachen University, we develop the logistics of tomorrow so we can always offer you technologically advanced, process-safe and transparent services.

We measure our success by your customer satisfaction and the sustainability of our actions. The result: partnership-based customer relationships that have lasted more than 4 decades and stable growth for the past 65 years.

We are the professional and experienced logistics service provider at your side!

Marc Schuransky

Head of Business Development Logistics

+49 (0)241 9665-310