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Case study: importance of information flow in complex supply chain processes taking "dedicated logistics" as an example

Efficient logistics is essentially based on an information flow extending over the total supply chain processes. Only optimal information management guarantees the receipt of information on events not taking place as planned at an early stage and quick provision or realisation of alternatives. It is decisive to follow the principle „information before goods”. Information on the event should always be available, before the goods are received or should be received. This requires a mature logistics concept, in which the factor „information” is consistently integrated in the control of individual consignments received and their combined distribution transports to the customer.

With dedicated logistics our customers are exactly offered the space that is required for flexible action needed in their business. If the planned event does not take place, our active communication with all participants leads to the availability of alternatives, in order to achieve the desired result. For example: rerouting, extra tours, partial deliveries air freight, etc.

Example: large customer from the „do-it-yourself“-trade

For a large customer in the „DIY“ sector we control the processes for on-schedule commissioning of heterogeneous goods on 30,000 sq storage and handling area with up to 200 staff members. The strategic location selected together with the customer in „the heart“ of Western Europe offers excellent motorway access and the ideal possibility, to use overseas containers at favourable prices and safely by inland water transportation. We control the receipt of goods in our logistics centre, plan the addition of containers, announce delays in advance and help in the coordination of special promotional offers.

By completely taking over the control of individual consignments received and their combined distribution transports to the customer by us

...the customer saves demurrage

...the recipient reduces the goods receipts frequency

...the seller, by means of integrated systems, is able to inform the customer of the exact delivery date.

Information advantage

By means of our innovative monitoring systems our customer is informed at an early stage, whether and which goods are delayed in delivery. Also the subsequent information chains get their information earlier. This way measures for correction can be initiated and planned at an early stage. Our customer gets the decisive plus in transparency – instead of reacting, he is able to take action, he has the choice and, if necessary, immediate alternatives at hand.

"Dedicated logistics" – a concept of two winners.