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Case study rework mobile radio devices

Services within the Hammer Group go far beyond the customary standards. The service offer comprises also efficient reworking of mobile radio devices. Due to required personnel resources and flexible storage capacities the Hammer Group meets all customer requirements.

The task
The area of mobile radio devices is a fast-moving business and is characterised by increasingly shorter product cycles. Therefore also the task of swift and cost-optimised product delivery to the customer becomes more and more significant.

The solution
The Hammer Group has adjusted to this situation and by rework services for mobile phones it offers its customers an enormous competitive advantage. From exchanging charging lids and making software updates to complete new design of the packaging. The mobile phone service offers individual performances, which can especially be customised for the customers’ requirements.

Transport, storage, reworking or flashing – all form one source. We collect the devices from the airport and transport them to our TAPA A-certified safety warehouse. There they are processed with the following additional services:

  • Flashing: software updates, recording of films, etc.
  • Perfect finishing of packaging: stickers, stamps, new operating instructions, bundle with various products, etc.
  • Redesign of sales packaging: new label, IMEI-number, etc.

What is the benefit?
After rework has been carried out, the goods are transported to the customer. The goods do not have to leave the warehouse, in order to be processed, but can directly be dispatched. The advantage for the customer is clear: immense time and transport cost savings.