HammerHammer - Internationale Spedition, Transport und Logistik


We show character

We manage our company according to the principle of controlled anatomy.

The ultimate corporate objective is the development of the feature of being extremely adaptable to the constantly changing conditions, requirements and chances of the market! According to this Hammer carries out its business operations on regional and global transport and logistics markets based on dynamic development.

Our performances are characterised by absolute loyalty towards our customers, identification with their interests and objectives as well as absolute discretion in all matters. We have been striving for constant effective improvement of our performances, in order to make each of our customers a sustainable reference through distinctive top performance.

We offer absolute professionalism by best quality controls and qualifications in all necessary performance areas, as our staff members distinguish themselves by professional, methodical and social competence. They work team-oriented and are prepared, to submit themselves to the wishes of our customers.

Respect for our environment is intrinsically related to our business conduct. We plan all processes in the sense of maximum conservation of natural resources, save energy and prevent waste so that you agree with our quality and environmental standards.

We would like to achieve an excellent reputation of all companies of the Hammer Group. This applies to our commitment, to efficiency as well as to reliability and adherence to deadlines of all our performances.

The adequate profitability of our work is to be the basis for all future investments, to further expand the company-own infrastructure, in order to nevertheless offer our customers optimal service.