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Commissioning, packing and checking!

In the warehouse area goods are constantly moved - here the trained worker for warehouse logistics gets into action. He takes on the repeating processes regarding receipt of goods, product-specific storage and shipping of goods. At the receipt of goods he checks the products to be stored by means of accompanying documents for quality and quantity. If necessary, he “treats” the goods by re-packing them, changing labels or completing them by various components.

Last, but not least the trained worker for warehouse logistics, by means of appropriate conveyor technology and forklift trucks, independently takes on commissioning, packing and provision of the warehouse goods, including professional loading.

• certificate of secondary education 10 a or 10 b
• sense of order
• ability to work in a team
• accuracy
• motivation to learn
• high flexibility in thinking and acting

2 years, with vocational aptitude it can be extended by 1 year and with that the qualified completion as specialised worker for warehouse logistics can be achieved.

Please send your electronic application for an apprenticeship to the following e-mail