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As a specialised worker for warehouse logistics you are responsible for the warehouse-related goods and information flow of all warehouse processes.

By working independently you take on the organisation of professional warehouse throughput of products, from receipt of the goods, interim storage, commissioning and preparation for their re-shipment to the receiver.

Here technology and modern communication technology plays a decisive role. The aforementioned tasks are carried out by you by fork-lift truck, pick-up lorry or lifting cart. By means of computer-controlled warehouse management systems and scanners you keep track of things. You pack goods, create Barcode labels and complete consignments – every day a new challenge. You are also jointly responsible for keeping the warehouse in order, the inventory, which has to be checked in regular intervals.

• „Fachoberschulreife" (technical school graduate)
• good technical understanding
• sense of order
• ability to work in a team
• accuracy
• motivation for learning
• high flexibility in thinking and acting

Period: 3 years

Please send your electronic application for an apprenticeship to the following e-mail