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Driving with responsibility

There are many good reasons to become a professional driver. Above all it is a job with future,  because also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow inventory replenishment in the supermarket shelves and at the production lines of the factories must be reliably guaranteed. This can only be provided by truck transportation.

Professional drivers are more than drivers! They secure goods, carry out small repair work at the truck, use modern means of information and communication and, last but not least, love to communicate with other people. Our drivers are the figureheads of the forwarding company! What many people perhaps don’t know, the professional driver is a recognised occupation requiring formal training.


  • certificate of secondary education or "Fachoberschulreife" (technical school graduate)
  • mental and physical fitness to drive a vehicle
  • controlled behaviour, particularly in stress situations
  • technical knowledge on the vehicle or equipment
  • capacity for communication and improvisation
  • arithmetic knowledge, e.g. understanding of vehicle-related costs
  • basic knowledge in German (spoken and in writing) possibly foreign language

Period: 3 years

Vocational school: teaching blocks in the Berufskolleg Simmerath/Stolberg for specialist theoretical and general educational training

Driving school: obtaining the driver’s license for group C/CE

Please send your electronic application for an apprenticeship to the following e-mail